Elementary School

At JIS, we are very aware of the importance you place on your child’s education. Your child, their learning, and their wellbeing is at the epicenter of all our decisions, planning, and practice as we seek to extend on the incredible reputation our school enjoys.

The “golden years” of elementary school often hold a special place in people’s hearts. Reflecting back on your own schooling, chances are you can easily recall that “special teacher” who was able to foster a love of learning, who shared your enthusiasm and natural curiosity, and who respected you both as a person and as a learner.

At JIS, we pride ourselves on developing these same types of relationships with the whole school community by placing great importance in the development of our rigorous academic program, core values, and social and emotional learning. Progressive, proven teaching and learning strategies are melded with our thorough curriculum and carried out by our faculty of expert, experienced educators to ensure that students are best prepared for an ever-changing world.

Our Promise

At its heart, JIS looks to:

  • Recognize and honor the growth and development of this educational period (ages 7-11) as vital in building a foundation for the educational life of our students. We place importance on both the procedural and conceptual learning necessary to equip our students for their ongoing education.  
  • Maintain a strong home-school community. Parents are an intrinsic element in our students’ education and we look to their support and input in developing this growth.
  • Recruit and maintain highly qualified, experienced, and innovative teaching staff.
  • Tailor a learning experience for each individual child, based on their needs, interests, and talents. 
  • Provide a well-rounded program that values the arts, physical education, language learning, and intellectual engagement that prepares students for middle school.

A Warm Welcome

Please come and see the learning, exploration, and energy that makes JIS the unique place that it is. Seeing the community interact, watching the enthusiasm of our students, chatting to our amazing professionals, and enjoying the lush, purpose-built surrounds of our campus will give you a first-hand account of the experience your child will enjoy at our school.

Our Program

The JIS Elementary School program (Grades 1-5) immerses children in an atmosphere of wonder, care, exploration, and growth, and it isn’t long until their love of learning grows from the inside out.

Our aim is to build each child to become a competent learner in a caring community – a thinker, creator, feeler, problem solver and doer. Our inquiry approach to learning is founded in research and we believe that there must be clearly stated goals and objectives established collaboratively and supported by teachers, administrators and parents. Our program:

  • Is a well defined, balanced curriculum that involves students in purposeful, relevant and challenging activities.
  • Is an inquiry approach that places strong emphasis on language arts and mathematics.
  • Ensures a balanced curriculum by also highlighting science and technology, social studies, modern language, health and physical development, visual and performing arts.
  • Involves the ongoing assessment of students and evaluation of lessons/activities.
  • Encourages each child to reach his or her full potential within a challenging inquiry-based curriculum based on high expectations.
  • Recognizes that children have individual needs, and that their learning styles and rates of development vary.
  • Encourages each child to think critically and independently and to develop a love of learning and self-motivation, by attaining academic and personal goals.
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