Middle School

Middle School is about connections. It's a time to build powerful bonds between friends, between learning and real life, between interests and actual experiences. Soon enough, hard choices about university and life directions will emerge, but this is a time to explore joyfully and freely — leaving no possible strength or talent undeveloped. Middle School is an exciting period of transition for students, a time when they build upon their strengths and continue to define who they are.
Our program supports students during this journey, helping them to discover what they are capable of and identify how they will contribute to a global society. The JIS Middle School reflects our commitment to an international community where cross-cultural awareness promotes a respect for all individuals.

Choice and Innovation

The Middle School curriculum emphasizes the process of learning, with age-appropriate intellectual, physical, cultural, and social experiences. Students are challenged as learners by teachers using research-based teaching practices that support various learning styles. We promote initiative, participation, and collaboration, along with opportunities to exercise creativity, courage, and compassion. 

Touch Points

We strive to provide our parents with high-interest, relevant opportunities to interact with our faculty and our programs. Examples include grade-level coffee mornings, Open House, school visiting days, and student-led conferences. Our teachers host “A Morning With the Experts", an opportunity to learn more about our highly differentiated and focused approach to teaching. The intent is to bring parents closer to our people, our learning program, and our culture.

Building Relationships

To support our Culture of Care and build a sense of community, the entire Middle School engages in off-campus experiences to help students strengthen relationships, build their identities, and develop a sense of belonging — all important aspects of our Middle School program. We offer a wide range of inclusive activities designed to encourage student involvement in school life and foster personal responsibility.

Our Program

We recognize that Middle School students (Grades 6-8) are in the midst of a unique period of change, from childhood to adolescence, and that their education should be broad, challenging, and designed to help nurture each student and help them achieve their full potential.

Students are challenged as learners using research-based teaching practices that support various learning styles that will prepare them for learning in high school. We promote initiative participation and collaboration, along with opportunities to exercise creativity, courage and compassion. Our program:

  • Was designed to prepare students for our rapidly changing world.
  • Supports an atmosphere that is physically and emotionally safe and free of prejudice.
  • Promotes interaction throughout our multicultural community.
  • Encourages partnership between home and school.
  • Celebrates Indonesia’s unique and diverse cultural and geographic features.
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