Service Clubs

Being a part of a service club is a highlight for many students at JIS. The student Service Council helps to direct and guide students as they plan and implement their respective outreach programs. These clubs exemplify the core values at JIS and our commitment to service learning.


  • Abs-olutely Active: Teaches underprivileged children the importance of staying active and healthy in a relaxed environment through dynamic games, yoga and various sports.
  • Amal Mulia Smile Club: Engages with the elderly at Amal Mulia orphanage every Saturday through simple arts and crafts activities, music and sharing meals.
  • Bhakti Luhur: Focuses on reaching out to children with disabilities.
  • Child Rights and Your (CRY): Strives to protect the rights of underprivileged children to ensure each child has a happy, safe and healthy childhood.
  • DS Kids Club: Works in collaboration with the Insan Anugerah school for children with special needs to improve the physical, social and mental wellbeing of children with Down’s Syndrome.
  • Emmanuel: Works with Yayasan Emmanuel to teach children basic English skills and participate in a variety of fun and educational activities at the Emmanuel Orphanage.
  • Friday Club: Designs and implements instructional lessons.



  • Global Issue Network: A service group centered around Jean-Francois Rischard’s 20 Global Issues and taking the necessary steps toward solving them.
  • Project Earth & Bye Bye Plastic Bags: An initiative advocating for a cleaner, more sustainable environment within JIS and communities in Jakarta.
  • Marine Conservation Club: Works to educate members and the wider community about the threats to marine conservation, as well as to take direction action to protect local marine ecosystems.
  • Animal Welfare Club: Aims to improve the welfare of animals in Indonesia and support the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN).
  • Urban Gardening Club: Focuses on creating useful and aesthetically pleasing green spaces in urban environments.


Medical Services

  • Code Red: Works to organize aid for homeless and poverty-stricken women, particularly in rural areas across Indonesia, and raise awareness about the issues they face.
  • Conquer Cancer: Plans and carries out fundraising projects for cancer-fighting organizations such as Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia (YKAK) and Mary’s Cancer Kiddies.
  • CLD Uganda: Raises funds and donates materials to the Come Let’s Dance (CLD) organization based in Uganda and helps organize the annual JIS Service Trip to the country.


Special Interest

  • Art Service Club: Promotes artistic exploration in state schools and social organizations, particularly among low-income students who do not have access to art supplies or visual arts as a subject.
  • Badminton Service Club: Provides badminton training to underprivileged children and spread our passion for Indonesia’s national sport.
  • Ball Games Service Club: Offers lessons in basketball and other fun ball games at JIS.
  • Engineering Off-Grid: Aims to literally brighten people’s lives by installing solar-based power-generating systems in impoverished communities living without light.