Service Learning

From a very early age, JIS students are exposed to the values and direct impacts of compassion, empathy and community services on the immediate world around us.

Our Service Learning program, therefore, encompasses the entire school and encourages students from Grade 1 through Grade 12 to take part in a range of outreach activities that emphasize a humanitarian approach to being Best for the World.

At JIS we use our heads, hands and hearts to learn about ourselves, to change and to develop responsibility toward others and the world around us.

Our collective goal is to ensure that meaningful Service Learning is embedded into the curriculum at every grade level.

  • The JIS Elementary School Service Learning program gives students the opportunity to collaborate with the community in response to specific needs. 
  • The Middle School Service Learning program is designed to nurture compassion, empathy, courage and an appreciation for cultural diversity. At JIS Middle School, Service Learning opportunities will occur through curriculum areas. We believe Service Learning should be embedded in student learning experiences through classes. In addition, many opportunities exist for students to become involved in service learning through clubs and scheduled trips.
  • Service at JIS High School is truly a program whose foundations are built on the passions of our high-school students. We have over 50 student-led organisations ranging from humanitarian clubs who work closely with local children to environmental groups who advocate for a healthier environment.

Students are encouraged to take on a variety of different activities and to invest their efforts and zealousness into giving back to the community in which we live. Jakarta is a bustling, concrete jungle with so many opportunities to work with all the amazing inhabitants and local groups — something that JIS students truly take advantage of.